Who wants to spend vacation grocery shopping?


Why not let us fill the frig? We offer a variety of package options as well as upgrade add-ons to customize your package(s) to meet your specific needs.

Simply Nourished groceries are always 100% gluten-free, non GMO, and free of artificial colors, flavors and synthetic preservatives.


Wellness is within reach even on vacation! Enjoy "Big City" amenities in Clear Lake, Iowa. Free delivery within city limits. 


Whether you're on the go, or looking to take advantage of one of our cozy seating areas, we've got something delicious waiting for you.


Our deli offerings are 100% gluten-free and made with organic and locally-sourced ingredients whenever available. Meats and cheeses are always hormone and antibiotic free. Sandwiches (with chips), fresh-made salads, and our famous lunchboxes are available daily during business hours while supplies last.  


Meet Our Team

A company is only as good as the people who operate it. And the team at Simply Nourished Clear Lake is extraordinary:

Regan (Store Manager)

Marissa (AM Sales Lead)

Judy (PM Sales Lead & Food Tech)

Sky (Sales)

Mikara (Sales) 

Heather (Food Tech)

Nicole (Dishwashing Tech)

Dave (Receiving Team Lead)

This team goes above and beyond to ensure wellness is within reach for our customers. Simply Nourished Clear Lake is owned by Ashley Coleman.


Grocery Market

Located at 419 Main Avenue in Clear Lake, we are North Iowa's leading organic, specialty, and local food grocer. Everything you'd find in a typical grocery store, but on a smaller scale because we meticulously evaluate every single product to ensure everything is gluten-free, and free of 

artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, GMO ingredients, hormones, and antibiotics.


We make it our mission to source as close to our store as well; we feature many local food products from within 150 miles of us.

Store front.jpg

Natural Wines

Whites, Bubbles, Rosé, and Reds. We've got a little of everything in our Natural Wine department. What is Natural Wine?


1. Organic grapes, grown without the use of artificial chemicals.

2. Wine prepared by hand using artisanal techniques.

3. Made using traditional winemaking processes that enable balance.

4. Creating a living wine, with low intervention in the cellar.

5. Promoting wellbeing in individuals & communities.

We mostly source European wines but occasionally bring in bottles from South America and the U.S. West Coast as well.